First Cotswold Photography Tour

Our very first photography tour was a great success with our students thrilled to be taken to some mystery locations.  "It's hard to focus on what is being taught when you have in front of you breathtaking scenery" Comment given by one of students who later confessed but managed to pick up all the relevant advice during the 4 hours.  

The students soon learned how to prepare and take a great composition as well as soaking up the scenery.  Whether you have a mobile phone or a standard DSLR, compositions are the first thing you will be taught during the first 1 hour.  

Our students were driven to the first location in the Cotswolds after a short meet and great in Bourton on the Water over a quick coffee in the Riverside Cafe.

Routes to each of these locations were full of photographic landscapes but had to resist stopping on this packed schedule.  

The purpose of this tour is to bring forward our student's visual emotions and to exercise creativity through practical learning methods.  It's about bringing the best out of you as a photographer.

If your interested in joining us on a tour then check out our availability


Cotswold Photography Tour 17th September 2017-1000.JPG
Tony Inwood