As part of our store photography service we had the privilege of meeting the team at Nellie & Dove in Deddington, Oxfordshire.  A quaint ladies boutique sitting in the market square opposite the Otters Restaurant.  We were first greeted by Helene and the rest of the team and then a nice cup of coffee!

We got to work quickly as the service task was to capture the store with ambiance, style and brand all within 1 hour.  Rich with colour and design this store was truly a pleasure to photograph.  As the odd customer passing we grabbed the opportunity to get a few shots too coupled with a giggle or too.  They even had vinyl playing in the middle of floor!  

Overall we completed the task in 1 hour and a total of 87 good quality images.  Helen, the store owner said

"I’m thrilled! Shop looks amazing and so great to see the clever angles, plus the willing customers.  I will definitely book you again once the renovation is complete"

 We are seeking more stores to photograph at a price of just £69.00 per store in or around the Cotswolds.  

LOW RES Nellie & Dove wide 25.09.17-1085.JPG
LOW RES Nellie & Dove wide 25.09.17-1029.JPG
LOW RES Nellie & Dove wide 25.09.17-1055.JPG
LOW RES Nellie & Dove wide 25.09.17-1021.JPG
Tony InwoodNellie & Dove