A long way back in my life I spent many hours as a child drawing all types of imaginary scenes.  These ranged from World War II battles scenes in the Pacific to beautiful sun sets surrounded by cliff tops.  It was this imagination that sustained my love and passion for art in that you could draw or paint anything you wanted.  Passing my O level Art at school inspired me to move forward and before I knew it I was painting, dogs, bikes, cottages and landscapes for paying clients.  There's no better feeling than being able to put a smile on another's face.  The emotion of watching another man's tears when handing over a painting of his pet dog having it passed away months before.

Time has moved on quickly and being caught up in this fast moving World we now live in I have lost the time to sit and paint.  Twelve years ago I took up photography as a way of reaching out once more to my creative side.  Photography is an art and a way of expressing yourself and as the artist we all want show our work for others to see. 

For someone who has a passion for all things beautiful I want to add a different approach to the work that I do.  Just like music, they will like it or they will not and although you can't please everyone it invokes my emotions to create some PhotoART of my previous work like it did all those years ago.

PhotoART for me is being able to create a digital representation of my own photography.  Using specialist algorithms, layers in Photoshop and a final workflow your imagination can run wild.  The aim, for me, is to invoke other's emotions, thoughts and feelings when viewing my work.  

I believe to this day that I will return to painting these scenes myself and get back to enjoying what was lost all those years ago.

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Tony Inwood