Arch Way at Lechlade

Yesterday I started my seasonal journey around the Cotswolds. Getting up at 5.30 am to ensure I captured exactly what I wanted. With my flask of coffee, wellies and photography kit, I set off to the exquisite scape of Lechlade.

On arrival I had to move quickly as this moment doesn't last long. This shot was taken under the bridge where the Riverside Hotel and Pub sits beautifully along the Thames. This detailed arch way was the perfect start to my morning and frames my composition nicely. 

Throughout this composition I have used natural light to capture the detail in the stone, the sun light to highlight the foreground and the side of the barge. 

Kit used
Nikon D500
14mm x 24mm Nikon 2.8

Focal length 17mm
F stop 14
Exposure 1/40

Lechlade in winter 10001 (2).jpg
Tony InwoodThe Picture Taker