Twilight Hour - Bourton on the Water

Having seen many images taken during the twilight hour I have always been fascinated by the vibrancy of blue sky following a sunset. Most photographers would have moved on as soon as the sun sets but that may be at the expensive of missed opportunities.

Staying that little while longer really does reap rewards and it’s here where I feel it was achieved. Sometimes you can take as many as 50 images from the same location and as the scene gets darker you see a totally different World in front of you. Constantly changing my settings as the mood changes, trying to capture what you see with your eyes is most challenging.

The calm, quiet and dark atmosphere was surely an experience as I heard foxes in the distance fighting amongst themselves. The sound of birds settling in for the night was slowly fading in the distance. Overall, pleasant, peaceful and enjoyable photography and one I will look forward to doing again.

Lake side 2- Bourton on the Water - 7877.jpg
Tony Inwood