Wedding Photohgraphy


As a photographer there are no words that can explain the feeling when asked to be part of a couples special day.  The importance of choosing the right wedding photographer can not be underestimated.  With thousands of photographers out there which one do you choose?

Communication, planning and building a bond between myself, as the photographer and the couple, are paramount to professional quality images.  Each photographer will have a different style, various packages and ways of working best with the congregation.  More often than not photographers are chosen because someone they know used their services and have been referred.  This is a great way to select your photographer and ensure you will get what has been experienced already.

Until recently I have put my wedding services on the shelf to focus on some different experiences within photography.  I am happy to announce that I will now be offering my wedding photography service once more.  With over 20 weddings under my belt, up and down the country, I am looking forward to that special moment when asked to be "The Photographer"

As a way of trialing my services I offer a FREE engagement shoot in the Cotswolds before the couple decide who they wish to select.  

This is a great way for me, as the photographer, to get to know the couple and visa versa.  This is vital as it will minimize and remove any unwanted nerves on the day.  Should the couple decide to go elsewhere then they will walk away with one of their best images of the shoot.

If your not getting married but know someone who is then please share this blog as I would love to sit and chat about their requirements.

There are no tailored packages just a sit down, listen and cost only to their requirements.

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