Understanding Image Size

Having been asked recently to print an image on a very large canvas, it has highlighted there maybe a little misunderstanding about image resolution.

So I was asked to print an image with a file size of 230kb which was around 400 pixels at the longest side. If I had sent this to print on a 120 cm x 80 cm canvas it would have come back all pixelated. These means looking like little squares making up the picture which would not have been good.

Most online printers will let you know if you have uploaded a poor quality image based on the size of the print. It will be a good idea to also ways check the print quality before you click “Buy”.

I have included a table below that will better determine if your image is good enough to print at the required size.

If you have your image on a PC you can right click and choose “Properties” or “Get info” on a mac. The information will tell you the MB or pixels the image is so you can compare on the table below.

As an example, you will not be able to print an image of 1000 x 1500 at 10” x 8” as there will not be enough pixels in the image to fill the print.

If you take photos from your camera always select the highest resolution possible to avoid disappointment when trying to print.

Hope this helps


Tony Inwood