Why a pre-shoot is good for your wedding!

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Just one hour can make all the difference on your wedding day.

But why?…

If you can imagine meeting someone for the first time, someone you trust to capture your special day? Yes trust…. you have only just met them and you trust them?

We are talking about your photographer and unless you know them already you will never have seen them before.

Whether you’re using Anthony Paul Photography or another photography service it is highly recommended you meet up in advance.

Just one hour will be enough to get to know your photographer and more importantly they will get to know you. As a wedding photographer it’s important for me to know how my client’s are in front of camera. Are they romantic, playful, sexy or bashful. You can create a fun atmosphere in one hour where the bride and groom become relaxed.

This introduction is crucial as it will enable us to iron out any photographic issues before the wedding day. Nothing worse than seeing the bride and groom tense up on their big day because they are placed in an uncomfortable pose or there is one side they don’t wont photographing.

By becoming a friend and providing a professional service in that one hour, it will take a lot of pressure away from the bride and groom.

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Tony Inwood