Headshot Photography


What is a headshot photograph?

headshot is a photograph of a person's face, that usually includes their shoulders. It can be taken from different angles and is usually used in a professional context, like on social media or professional website.

Headshot Photography is becoming more and more popular for those people who need a professional looking profile online. The photos generally outline the persons features but the main aim is to provide a visual representation of the persons personality.

Most modelling agencies will use professional headshots to head up a profile of a potential candidate. More and more people are getting into Film & TV extras as a route to enter into acting or earn a little extra money. Headshot photos will give you a professional look in your portfolio. Portfolios are sourced by agencies who are on the look out for people who want to be part of a block buster movie, drama or even adverts.

Furthermore, you can use Headshots for business and social media profiles such as Linkedin.

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