Why I no longer use Facebook to sell my services


For the last 3-4 years I have been under the illusion that Social Media can triple your business revenue. We all know this can be achieved in principle but in reality we are forced to splash the cash to increase your likes, web visits or add responses.

To be fair, Facebook is a great tool for sharing your work and at some point, someone will come back to use you for your services. Unfortunately, in my line of work I share photos across a platform already over saturated with images. It is mainly the public that are responsible for billions of posts each accompanied with an image or two. Online images are now becoming an expression of life and something to relate to in a circumstance of life.

The value of a photo taken by a professional or passionate amateur seems to have lost it’s value and it is this reason why I no longer advertise or try to sell on Facebook. I value Facebook for it’s ability to post your life as it unfolds should you wish. I no longer value Facebook as a tool to sell my services as a photographer. The temptation to post my current work is strong but I much prefer to use other methods.

Since the start of the year my photography revenue has tripled and is well on the way to breaking all my past year’s revenue targets. I am not looking to share with you how this is being achieved but to say that NO work at all as come through Facebook. I have found that using Facebook and other methods of Social Media only grows your contact base to a particular size. Keep feeding your followers with the same repetitive imagery, cold selling and behind the scene footage will eventually make you realize your efforts are being wasted in my opinion. This is my opinion and does not reflect those that do not provide a photography service as a business.

It is from my own experience and since moving to an improved solution I know where I was going wrong. I don’t feel that I should try to prove to anyone that I am busy and still active by posting on Facebook. It’s actually a good feeling knowing that I am building my photography without my competitors knowing what I am doing.

I no longer wish to waste time, energy and money in areas where the work is not required. Creating a solution where you are responding to someone who needs you is bringing in much better results as a business.

I will of course still post some of my favorite images as I take time out to enjoy photography in the Cotswold’s

Tony Inwood