When things go wrong go to Plan B!

So, how did I capture this lovely family indoors when it was pouring of rain?

This family portrait shoot started out in a wood in Northleach but as we were setting up the heavens opened up. It was at this stage I decided to tell them to come to my studio in Bourton on the Water. With 20 members strong I knew it was going to be a challenge but I had plan.

This was not going to be easy and with all these lovely people packed into the back of our house the plan was to photograph them individually. With this in mind I quickly got to work setting up my green screen studio. We had just one hour to shoot 20 members but to position them so it would all fit together in the final image.

Once I had taken all members of the family they left and it was then that I went to work on the final image. Using my green screen technology software I erased all the background on each image and created a PNG file for each. This means I can apply any background in Photoshop and keep the persons pixels active.

I created a large panoramic file as my starting canvas, a suitable backdrop image and then added each member where I thought would best suit. One thing you have to remember is to ensure you apply some shadow or reflection at the base of each person as this gives it some realism.

And there you have it, one big happy family in a photo to last a lifetime!

Tony Inwood