Am I doing things right?

I guess I am doing things right if I receive reviews like this.

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I guess you are doing things right if you gets reviews like this...

One’s wedding is, hopefully, a one off event, and the record of the day through photographs is, possibly, the single most important aspect of what will be a precious and cherished memory. Getting the right photographer is not so much important, more absolutely essential. A wedding is made up of individual moments of joy; smiles of friends and family, intimate moments of shared happiness, fleeting and priceless. It’s not just a case of finding someone capable of spotting these magical snippets but, in addition, it’s vital that the professional has the ability to compose that moment. This is not something that can be taught, not something that can be learned in a lecture room, or picked up through repetition.

This is a gift. My sister has the gift, always has had, which has proved an asset of Herculean proportions for her Interior Design business. But until we met Anthony of Anthony Paul Limited, Bourton on the Water, I imagined that apart from sis, this ability was restricted to the greats; Longford, Bailey, Cartier-Bresson. Just goes to show, it pays not to be narrow minded.

When we first met Anthony, we initially discussed our requirements for our wedding day and, not being overly au fait with the process, knew we would have to rely heavily on the advice of our professional. We, very quickly, relaxed into the meeting, assured at the outset that we were in safe and capable hands. In the meeting, Anthony asked that we meet again to have a “practice” session. This was important, he told us, in ensuring we were both comfortable in his presence on the day, and any shots he managed would have a much more natural feel to them. We met in Bourton and Anthony took us to Notgrove, where he and us had a very enjoyable meander through the beautiful Cotswold village, as Anthony effortlessly directed the stroll. The resulting shots has left us with a lasting sense of just how much in love we are with one another. This mans' ability to capture, not so much a moment, but more an emotion, inspires complete confidence. Before signing the contracts, Anthony sat us down and went through a comprehensive check list of the kind of day we wanted the photographs to portray, from options such as a fun or a romantic occasion, with an array of sub-categories which guaranteed our day would be just as we wanted it to be.

One is often left wondering whether the images on photographers websites are contrived or if they actually do show the professionals ability. Any body looking for someone to capture the essence of a wedding day, need have no fear that the stunning work shown on his website, is anything other than the genuine article, and need look no further than Anthony Paul Photography. This chaps service is first class and we look forward to posting examples of his considerable skill on our Facebook page.

Tony Inwood