Health & Life Sciences Ball 2019

One of the biggest challenges to date but most rewarding was photographing a University Ball at the Oxford Town Hall. I first had to discover how I was going to get all my kit into the venue without parking restriction outside. It soon came to light that the Hall had a parking space across the road which I took with great relief.

So all my kit now setup and ready for the invasion of over 300 Students!


Before I knew it there were loads of students queuing up and many of which returned for a second shoot. It was so nice to see all the students ready to participate and creating such a fun environment to work in.

Health & Life Sciences Ball-20191053.jpg

After two hours of frantic fun in front of the backdrop it was time to enter the hall and onto the dance floor. Nope….. not to dance but to capture all the fun and enjoyment on people’s faces.

Health & Life Sciences Ball-20191323.jpg

This was a remarkable evening and one not to forget as the students were friendly, fun and a little under the influence of alcohol.

Thank you to the Health & Life Sciences for making make my job a lot easier and for making me feel welcomed.