Autumn Photography Tour in the Cotswolds by Tony Inwood

Autumn is fast approaching and we are really excited about getting out and updating our current Autumn images of the Cotswolds. You too can share in this experience by joining our Autumn Tours on 15th & 29th October and 5th & 19th November 2017

We have travelled the north and central areas of the Cotswolds over the last 2 years and can't wait to take you on our mystery 4 hour tour.

Not only will you discover Autumn colour in a abundance you will have the opportunity to take photos with Anthony Paul. Anthony will share his experience in finding the right competitions and apply settings to get the best in-camera shots as well as RAW capture.

For those that like to go past the boundaries of point and shoot we have an online post processing masterclass too!

So, if your free on the above dates and want to take pictures like these then click on the link below to book your seat. If your not familiar with our tours "we drive you" and if your the first booking you get the front seat view!

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As part of our store photography service we had the privilege of meeting the team at Nellie & Dove in Deddington, Oxfordshire.  A quaint ladies boutique sitting in the market square opposite the Otters Restaurant.  We were first greeted by Helene and the rest of the team and then a nice cup of coffee!

We got to work quickly as the service task was to capture the store with ambiance, style and brand all within 1 hour.  Rich with colour and design this store was truly a pleasure to photograph.  As the odd customer passing we grabbed the opportunity to get a few shots too coupled with a giggle or too.  They even had vinyl playing in the middle of floor!  

Overall we completed the task in 1 hour and a total of 87 good quality images.  Helen, the store owner said

"I’m thrilled! Shop looks amazing and so great to see the clever angles, plus the willing customers.  I will definitely book you again once the renovation is complete"

 We are seeking more stores to photograph at a price of just £69.00 per store in or around the Cotswolds.  

LOW RES Nellie & Dove wide 25.09.17-1085.JPG
LOW RES Nellie & Dove wide 25.09.17-1029.JPG
LOW RES Nellie & Dove wide 25.09.17-1055.JPG
LOW RES Nellie & Dove wide 25.09.17-1021.JPG

Wedding in Derbyshire by Tony Inwood

Callow Hall 21.09.2017

We don't just cover the Cotswolds, we will to travel to where ever our clients want us to be. This was a recent wedding we did in the beautiful Derbyshire dales.  Callow Hall was the setting for Andy and Michelle's wedding and what a stunning place this was.  Full of character and although it rained it never dampened the spirits of the happy couple.  We will upload some of those photos shortly but for now we thought we would share with you a couple of photos requested by the bride and groom.  As the weather brightened up we managed to get the couple outside for some lovely location shots.  Most importantly, when all seemed over, we pulled the couple to one side to get this stunning shot of the sparkler shaped heart.    

One of the couples favourite shots of the day - Created using sparklers

One of the couples favourite shots of the day - Created using sparklers

Perfect spot for the perfect couple - Front door steps at Callow Hall

Perfect spot for the perfect couple - Front door steps at Callow Hall

First Cotswold Photography Tour by Tony Inwood

Our very first photography tour was a great success with our students thrilled to be taken to some mystery locations.  "It's hard to focus on what is being taught when you have in front of you breathtaking scenery" Comment given by one of students who later confessed but managed to pick up all the relevant advice during the 4 hours.  

The students soon learned how to prepare and take a great composition as well as soaking up the scenery.  Whether you have a mobile phone or a standard DSLR, compositions are the first thing you will be taught during the first 1 hour.  

Our students were driven to the first location in the Cotswolds after a short meet and great in Bourton on the Water over a quick coffee in the Riverside Cafe.

Routes to each of these locations were full of photographic landscapes but had to resist stopping on this packed schedule.  

The purpose of this tour is to bring forward our student's visual emotions and to exercise creativity through practical learning methods.  It's about bringing the best out of you as a photographer.

If your interested in joining us on a tour then check out our availability


Cotswold Photography Tour 17th September 2017-1000.JPG

Tour of Britain Cycling Race by Tony Inwood

We were so excited when we heard the Tour of Britain Stage 7 was passing through Bourton on the Water.  Local organisations from around the village had worked hard to ensure that the event passed to create a fun packed few hours for all our visitors for the event.

There was a bunting display throughout the village across the river, from the village centre bridges etc.  A local knitting group knitted woollen green jerseys which was hung on bunting either side of the Sprint Finish point and on the Victoria Hall railings - these jerseys will be recycled and used to dress teddies to be sold for charity, in line with the "green" theme.

One other interesting event was the Great British Bike Build ride from Stow on the Wold.  Riders dressed up in vintage clothing and rode vintage bikes into Bourton on the Water.  They also had stall over drinks and cakes as well as displaying the bikes to view by passing visitors.

And then, the main event, withing minutes it was all over as police cars, bikes and racing marshals split the crowds for on coming cyclists.  It was a great experience and you really have to appreciate that these guys have constantly rode since Hemel Hempstead!

For the complete collection of images of the events please visit our Cotswold Image Library


Tour of Britain 2017-1153.jpg

Stow on the Wold by Tony Inwood

One of the most historic towns in the Cotswolds, Stow on the Wolds.  Known for it's final battle in the English Civil War in 1646.  The slaughter of the Royalist was such that blood flowed down Digbeth Street at the lower end of the square.  The old stock still remains in the top end of the square outside the The Old Stock Restaurant Inn.

Another interesting feature other than the stunningly beautiful architecture is the Church door to the rear of St Edward's Church.  It was said that J. R. R. Tolkien took inspiration of this spectacle into his Hobbit books.  Find out for yourself and pay Stow a visit now by going to my new update library for Stow on the Wolds.  More images will be uploaded soon 

Cotswold Photography Tours have now started! by Tony Inwood

I have been waiting a long time for the moment to transform my passion into a learning process while at the same time continuing to fulfill my desire for the beautiful Cotswolds.

From September 3rd 2017 I will be starting my Cotswold Photography Tours. A maximum of 4 like minded photographers and lovers of the Cotswolds will embark on a mystery tour to some of the most scenic and idyllic locations the Cotswolds has to offer.

Having spent the last 3 years photographing the North Cotswolds I am so confident that if you don't enjoy the experience you will get your money back guaranteed.

From a mini 4 hour tour covering 2-3 locations or a 8 hour tour covering 4-6 locations you will be taught some of the best ways to get amazing pictures that you can hang on your wall!

Just starting out in photography? ...... Perfect then this is for you as you will get plenty of one to one tuition on how to best use your camera.  

For details about the tours please visit Cotswold Photography Tours

See you there!


Wedding Drone Service from £295 by Tony Inwood

Who would have thought that small flying objects would one day dominate the skies.  Well this is actually not true.... YET!

Drones are becoming very popular from flying hobbyist to commercial operations.  It is therefore no surprise that drones are going to play an important role in collecting memories at weddings and other events.  As a wedding photographer myself I would find it extremely difficult to operate a drone as well as my wedding photography on the day!

Being a CAA qualified and PfCO approved Drone Pilot I would now like to offer a drone only service for couples who are getting married and also for photographers.  

To film a wedding you will need to be CAA Qualified and PfCO approved

The results are cinematic, epic and will totally wow your friends and family.   

Please get in touch about creative drone footage at your event.

Visit Drone Services for more information

Cotswold Post Cards by Tony Inwood

Do you run a gift shop in the Cotswolds? Then you may be interested to hear that I am now selling beautiful Cotswold Post Cards to trade customers. These photo cards are only available from The Picture Taker.

visit my image library and if there are any pictures you want to see on a post card then let me know.


As a passionate experienced photographer I can now help you with your aerial photography or video. For property profiles and venue promotions anywhere in the UK get in touch about your aerial coverage today!

No expensive rigs! No heavy helicopter fees! totally flexible and no high running costs to produced cinema style footage that will impress your clients.  Professional quality footage you can use time and time again to help promote your land, property or event.

I am really excited to provide this service and have already had produced great footage for my clients like this Estate House in Derbyshire, Callow Hall.

Press Release by the Cotswold Tourism Partnership by Tony Inwood

Ensuring the Cotswolds are picture perfect!

Release date: 20 July 2017

Cotswolds Tourism has been working with local photographer Anthony Inwood (also known as ‘the Picture Taker’) to assemble a portfolio of high quality images that can be used to entice even more visitors to sample what the area has to offer.

Photographs of local towns, villages and rural scenes that Anthony is taking throughout 2017  are now appearing on Cotswold Tourism’s website, promotional material, and social media accounts – and feedback has been extremely positive.

Sally Graff of Cotswolds Tourism is very pleased with the results so far:

“Pictures are always much better than text to highlight what this fantastic area has to offer, and we have been very pleased with the work Anthony has done to capture the essence ofthe Cotswolds as the seasons change through the year.  The partnership has been very successful so far and we look forward to further collaborations so we can create widespread interest in the area - as well as inspiring local residents to get out and explore places on their doorstep.”

Anthony is also enthusiastic about the collaboration:

“As a photographer based in Bourton on the Water I am privileged to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, towns and villages.   I was awarded joint first place in the Landscape Photographer of the year 2016 competition run by Cotswolds AONB and, since then I have been overwhelmed by the connections I have made - most significantly with the Cotswold Tourism Partnership after I was awarded a tender for major 2017 project.  

“There is no greater challenge than the weather so when the sun shines then you may see me photographing your town, village or countryside.  I like to draw my viewers in, give them a sense of ‘I want to be there’ or ‘I want to walk down there’.   I also love to photograph people having fun and children playing.  During the next few years I hope to build my client base here in the Cotswolds to provide strong meaningful images that will promote this area we all love. For my Cotswold Image Library please visit in a new window) or my general in a new window)

One local firm that has engaged the services of the Picture Taker is Cotswold Grey of Moreton-in-Marsh.  Ben Slater of the company comments:

“As a contemporary homeware company we have to present ourselves in a professional and aspirational manner. Our imagery needs to be sharp, current and shot in a flexible way to allow us to use it across multiple publishing platforms of screen and print. Anthony considered all our requirements and produced a great stock of images for us to launch with. It’s certainly helped our shop, website and boutique accommodation offerings get up and running.”

About Cotswolds Tourism

Cotswolds Tourism is the official Destination Management Organisation promoting and marketing tourism across the Cotswolds. Cotswolds Tourism is a partnership of tourism businesses, supported by local authorities of Cheltenham Borough Council, Cotswold District Council, Stroud District Council, Tewkesbury Borough Council, West Oxfordshire District Council and the Cotswolds Conservation Board.  Cotswolds Tourism’s priority is to grow the area’s Visitor Economy by raising awareness of the destination and generating additional tourism visits and spend. 

Sally Graff  

Cotswolds Tourism

Tel: 01285 623000

Filming your wedding venue by Tony Inwood

With some kind permission from Callow Hall in Derbyshire I was able to provide my wedding clients with this piece of cinematic footage.  The venue is magnificent and is well and truly fitting for any bride & groom.  The footage shows mainly the frontage but there is much more to be seen around the back.  This short film provides an example of what can be achieved by filming with a drone.  

I am more than happy with the finished footage and has now paved the way to offering this service to my customers.

Tour De Britain by Tony Inwood

Had my catch up today with the Cotswolds Tourism Partnership and found out that I need to get a Press Accreditation for the Tour De Britain sprint run into Bourton on the Water.

Further good news is, I will working well into 2018 with projects throughout the Cotswolds.  I am available for short and long term projects for commercially promoting the Cotswolds in pictures. 

Old Manor - Chipping Campden by Tony Inwood

Been a while but was out today around Chipping Campden again. Needed to go back to capture the rear of the Church where the Old Manor House sits.

On entering the walk way I came across this dead tree and seems to make good forward interest.

Getting that good feeling of watching the late night harvesting! by Tony Inwood

I took this shot last year at Upper Rissington in Gloucestershire and have always been fascinated by bales of hay in fields.  It makes a good composition in different lighting conditions at this time of the year.  My favourite is however to capture them as the sun goes down just like this one with the light just glistening around the hedges of the hay bales. 

Portrait in the Poppies by Tony Inwood

Well this year we have really been treated to an amazing collection of poppies in Fifield.  For the amount of times I have visited, there have been photographers in abundance.  It is really nice to see other photographers interpretation of the poppy field but I thought I would have a little subject matter to mine.

This is Tracey my fiance who kindly offered to act as my model for the evening.  Initially I had some issues with my Godox Strobe but then realised it was my D800 that was at fault so I quickly changed to my D500.  As the sun dipped we had limited time but I enjoyed every minute and so did Tracey.

The images came out really well and after a little back end processing came up with 4 of the best shots.

Poppy field in Fifield by Tony Inwood

Well I have seen a lot of you have managed to find this stunning collection of poppies just outside Fifield. There have been some great photos taken. Just waiting for a nice sunset and an evening without wind before we lose them to get some portrait shots with my fiance.

I took many shots as you would but this one stood out as I managed to find this small cop of grass flower for me foreground interest.

A true representation of the Cotswolds by Tony Inwood

I finally got to Snowshill this evening to try and capture the sun going down over St Barnabas Church. I literally stood there for 1 hour waiting and took loads of shots. This one stood out a mile and since feeling the emotions running through me at the time this is sure a representation of my moment in Snowshill.