Providing professional quality video or photo stills for commercial businesses across the Gloucestershire and the UK.  Covering events and corporate marketing through creative sky media in standard or cinematic format.  Include music to add an extra punch that will have you customers feeling very impressed.   


Whether through an agency or selling your property privately, aerial video and photos sells.  The best views are from above and with almost any angle possible your buyer will see the full scale of the property as well as the surrounding landscape in just a few shots.  Property profiles are becoming very popular and i'ts aerial footage that is the leading media format that stands out the most. 


Roofs, landscapes, premises and structural surveillance is just part of our offering for Industrial Sky Media.  Saving thousands of pounds on man hours, scaffolding and specialist surveyors by hiring our CAA approved drone pilot.  Flight times can be as short as 25 mins to a few hours with the footage.  Bringing you closer to the picture with the footage turned around within just a few hours.  


Until recently photographers and videographers filmed weddings on the ground.  Now, the market for wedding drone footage has exploded.  We are happy to offer this service direct to clients or as an added service to photographer's clients.  Having that stunning cinematic film footage and romantic orbital sweeps with music will give the couple creative breathtaking memories of their day.  


The legal stuff

Our qualified drone pilots are listed as an approved CAA PfCO permitted company to fly drones commercially.  You may be liable for prosecution if you commercially upload footage from someone who is not a registered PfCP CAA drone pilot.   


Safety First!


Outlined below is a list of safety measures to take into account before any flight can take place


Our Drone Pilots are all registered with the CAA and have been given permission to fly a drone commercially.  Being given permission by the CAA doesn't just permit us to fly so there are a number of things that need to be put together before a flight can take place.

We follow the CAA SUSA regulations and therefore the below conditions apply:

  • Any venue or land where the drones needs to take off will require landowner permission

  • Will not fly over or within 150 metres of any congested area

  • Will not fly over or within 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of more than 1,000

  • Will not fly within 50 metres of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the control of pilot working for The Picture Taker

  • No persons to be withing 30 metres of take off except being under the control of the pilot working for The Picture Taker

  • The aircraft will not be flown above the height of 400 feet and at a visual line of sight of 500 in distance


  • Service Delivery Task

  • Pre Deployment Survey

  • Onsite Survey


Service Delivery Task

To obtain as information about the client and the flight task to ascertain if the flight can be achieved.

Pre-Delpoyment Survey

A pre-deployment survey will be carried out in advance to ensure that the flight can go ahead safely subject to conditions detailed

  • Service Delivery information

  • Client Information

  • Task Information

  • Pre-Deployment Planning (Air Space, Hazards, Permissions, Restrictions, Public, Risk Reduction etc)

Onsite Survey

An onsite survey will be the final process and must be carried out before flight can go ahead.  

  • Flight Information

  • Weather (Wind, Temperature)

  • Confirmation check on Pre-Deployment Survey

  • Emergency Contact Details

  • Risk Assessment

  • Map of flight take off area and secondary landing area



Creating stunning imagery and cinematic footage with upto 5K resolution.  Before you consider footage taken from a SUAV (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) you need to be aware of the following:

The pilot must have a RPAS Certificate (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) and a PfCO (Permit for Commercial Operations) Without these the pilot will be operating with out permission and may be prosecuted if found along with the people that hired them.

Our pilots are qualified SUAV and have been given permissions by the CAA to fly commercially including weddings.

Before any flight it is important that we need to ensure permissions have been granted to take off by the owner of the land in which the flight is to take place.  It is compulsory that a pre-deployment survey is carried out to minimise risk on the day to other air users, property, animals and people.  On the day it is also compulsory that an onsite survey is carried out to assess the current location, weather and risk management to ensure safe flight.

Travel is charged at 45p per mile for all round distance.
Price includes a Pre Deployment Survey, OnSite Survey and all recorded footage. 

50% deposit required upon booking

Hire Costs

  • Pilot & Drone approx 30 minutes footage £450

  • Pilot & Drone approx 60 minutes footage £750

  • Video edit per 30 minutes (Showreel) £175

  • Each additional location £110 (Survey charges)

Raw footage available to download within 24 hours.


Based on weather predictions a pre-deployment survey will be logged 2 days prior to the event.  Should we feel that the task will not be safe to fly we will inform the client with no cost and the deposit returned.  If we feel that, at the time we complete the pre-deployment survey, it is safe to fly then we will arrive onsite to carry out a survey on the day of the event.  If for any reason the flight can not take place due to safety reasons the flight will be cancelled with no cost to the client.  Should the task be cancelled by the client or due to client actions then the client will forfeit their deposit to cover costs.

Anthony Paul Photography Drone Pilots are fully insured, qualified and have CAA permissions to fly commercially