Portraiture is a very old art form dating back 5000 years in ancient Egypt. Before the invention of photography a painted sculpture or drawn portrait was the only way to record the appearance of someone. Portraits are works of art that record the likenesses of humans or animals that are alive or have been alive. The word portraiture is used to describe this category of art.

The purpose of a portrait is to memorialise an image of someone for the future. It can be done with painting, photography, sculpture, or almost any other medium. Some portraiture is also created by artists purely for the sake of creating art, rather than working on commission. The human body and face are fascinating subjects that many artists like to study in their personal work.

At Anthony Paul Photography I study my subjects to bring out the character and personality. I want to ensure the image will last a life time and will be treasured my family generations to come.

A portrait is a moment in time that represents a live of someone or something.

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From £144 (1 hour session)

I take care in how I place my subjects in front of camera to get the best possible results. Classic portraits have been a round for centuries and you can see why. The sense of an untold story, the untold questions, answers and the beauty of human form. At Anthony Paul Photography I see classic portraits as my signature of passion and desire to produce the highest standards possible for my clients.

These portraits require a little more setup time but the results are stunning.



From £144 (1 hour session)

I love to photograph all types of subjects but none more exciting and challenging than the little ones. Full of surprises, laughter and tears but well worth the images you get with a little patients. Your images will be a capture of personality, beauty and a life frozen in time.

I can accommodate sittings in our studio at home or in the comfort of your own home as well as outdoors.  



From £144 (1 hour session)

Enjoy the beautiful Cotswolds outdoors with family or friends with an Outdoor Portrait Session. Spend that precious moment together while capturing the fun as it unfolds. I am experienced in photographing the Cotswolds and have knowledge of some stunning locations. No matter how big the family or small I guarantee stunning images, a friendly smile and a professional service.



See Enchanted Story Telling for packages

Always thinking outside the box I like to offer my clients something different. Using my extensive knowledge of Photoshop and my artistic mindset i can place any of my subjects in a World of their dreams. The subject will act out various role plays that will play part of the creation. Initial photos can be taken either in my studio or at a location of choice.

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From £144 (1 hour session)

For those looking to get into modelling, TV or Film I offer a support service to help build your portfolio. Most top end agencies have strict criteria for images that represent their clients. I can help ensure your images are of the highest standard and ready to upload to your selected agencies.