Fairy in a jar

Spring in blossom and a little fairy waits patiently for help as she spots a group of glowing dragon flies that have come to rescue her. As part of your consultation we will advise you of the different poses we will ask your child to do. The number of poses will depend on the size of the package and will all play an important part of the final image.


night with a unicorn

The sea trickles back to meet the descending sun and last light reveals billions of brightly coloured stars as the unicorn meets the fairy for the first time. Your child will be encourage to wear the clothing that nearest matches the scene we need to create. Depending on the package size additional outfits may be required.

Imogen Lake side2 - 7877.jpg

curiosity by the lake

A little girl wakes to see a wonderful display of light at the bottom of her garden. She makes her way to her grandfather’s shed where she pickups the old oil lantern. Making her way down to the lake holder her lantern she sees a golden dragonfly hovering above the boat. We want our images to invoke your imagination to tell your own story.