Fairy in a Bottle

A little fairy sat in a jar surrounded by glowing dragonflies as she stares to the light with thought. During your consultation we will ask you about your child’s imagination and advise you of the type of poses we will need to get the required shots. At a glance these poses may seem a little like role play but will eventually play an important role to ensure we delivery the perfect image.


Night with a unicorn

Glistening sand as the waves trickle out to meet the sun setting on the horizon. Billions of stars display wonder as the magical moment our fairy makes friends with a unicorn. It’s important for the child to be dressed according to the type of scene we want to set. Depending on the package the child is encouraged to bring a selection of outfits.

Imogen Lake side2 - 7877.jpg

light of cURIOSITY

Glowing lights are seen from a far and draws the attentions of a little girl. She makes to her grandfather’s shed and picks up the old oil lantern. Making her way to the hedge of the lake she is memorised by the beauty of golden glowing dragon fly. The story is down to you and you can tell how you wish. We make all our scene as real as possible and leaves all the your own imagination.