We like to keep things simply and free of confusion so our pricing structure is just that. There are no set prices for certain jobs just a simple hourly rate. There will be however, expenses such as long distance travel or hotel fees but this will be all agreed before hand.

For all new clients, a one off fee of £144 applies which includes your first hour photography service, expenses, post processing and admin charges to bring you on to our system as client. For any other work we do for you on the day or in the future there is a standard £72 hour rate.

The standard hourly rate includes all local travel expenses, post processing and 12 months online storage of your digital files.

Our online image portal is a professional looking portal where all your files will be stored. Galleries and albums can be password protected individually to secure your images. The portal is easy to use for you and or your staff where digital files can be downloaded as Original or Social Media sizes upon selection.


NEW CLIENT? £144 for the first hour
Standard Hourly Rate £72 per hour thereafter

  • Local Travel (Within 30 miles)

  • Post Processing

  • 12 Months FREE File Storage (Password Protected)

  • Downloadable original and social media file sizes

  • Online Print Store

Advanced Post Processing
We have a team of creative minded professionals who can help you with your marketing and advertising campaigns. Working to a brief we can support you in finding what you need and how you can achieve it through a visual representation. We can support the campaign all the way to print and display.

The cost for this support is £32 per hour